Clinic News

To my dear clients,

I have one open daffodil in my garden, but I am taking that as a sign that Spring is imminent and that it will begin to get warmer soon! To celebrate my optimism and to kick off the Spring cleaning I have a promotional offer for you and your mates.

$10 off your next 60 minute massage!

If you refer a friend for a massage and they have their initial consultation appointment with me in September, October or November 2019, your friend will pay $80 instead of the regular $90 fee, and you will receive your next 60 minute massage for $10 off your regular fee (i.e. for $75 or $65 for concession holders). This offer is limited to two new clients per one current client.

Changes To Appointment Reminder Texts

In the last year or so I feel there has been an increase in clients only remembering their appointment when they receive my day-before text message reminder. It is a busy, stimuli dense world we all now inhabit, and I can appreciate the chances of forgetting things has probably increased. However, it is challenging to fill appointments without a few days cancellation notice, and while I have a short-notice cancellation fee policy, I prefer not to have to invoke this (although I do still also have to earn an income). Therefore, for the rest of this year, I am going to cease day-before text message reminders and trial using Cliniko to send emailed appointment reminders in the week before your scheduled appointment. Hopefully, you all check your junk email box regularly. I cannot guarantee the reminder email will not end up there. If I have sent you a hard copy of this communication then you will not receive emailed appointment reminders as I do not have your email address on record.

New Treatment R & D – Volunteers Required

I am designing a new stretch/mobilisation treatment. It is a mixture of guided self-massage and mobilisation exercises, and hands on assisted stretching and dry massage. It will be performed on mats on the floor and draw on mat Pilates techniques, Traditional Thai Massage, and use various pieces of small equipment (foam rollers, massage balls, stretchy therabands etc). This will be a semi-tailored treatment. At this stage I think it will be most appropriate for clients with stiff/tight mid to lower backs, glutes/hips and leg muscles. It is not appropriate for anyone with an acute injury or a subacute injury that can be aggravated easily. I am looking for some clients to assist the fine tuning of the treatment, probably in October and November. It is free of charge, but you need to be available Monday or Thursday afternoons/early evenings or possibly a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. A session will probably require 60 – 90 minutes of your time. Please email me if you are interested.




Clinic News

My mother gave me a birthday card this year with a quote from Albert Einstein. It said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Not sure this time thing is really working for me, I swear it feels like it should be mid-year already! While hectic, it has been a productive first four months of the year, including a successful Contemporary Dance…For Seniors pilot program in Mt Barker, which will now continue for the rest of 2019. The crack repairs have been completed at Eastwood and while not really worthy of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo, it does feel a bit fresher.

Holiday Dates

As some of you know, I have had a birthday with a ‘0’ this year (my sister won’t let me say which birthday, as then everyone will figure out her age!). To celebrate, I am having some extended leave in the middle of the year. The clinic will be closed from 1st – 24th July inclusive.

Changes To Clinic Hours

While the crack repair clinic relocation was an inconvenience for all concerned, it was actually a useful experiment for me to trial working my different occupational roles on the same day. It would appear that I can teach dance in the morning and be in the clinic in the afternoon/evening without my head or body exploding. Consequently, once I return from my July holidays, clinic hours of operation will be as follows…

Tuesdays, from 1:15pm, (last appointment 5:30pm)

Wednesdays, from 12:15pm, (last appointment 6:45pm)

Fridays, from 1:15pm, (last appointment 6:45pm)

Every third Saturday, from 9am

I appreciate that some of you will be dismayed at my reduced Saturday hours. However, after 21 years of being a weekend worker (this includes my glorious career in hospitality while I was a professional dancer), it is time to have some leisure and social time when everyone else has theirs. Life is too short and unpredictable to have work as the primary focus. I will put the Saturday clinic dates on the massage page once they are finalised.



Clinic News

Happy New Year! I hope this communication finds you rejuvenated after a festive season break.

Clinic Operation Changes

As of this year Tuesday’s first appointment will be at 1:15pm and I will only be offering the 6:45pm(ish) appointment on Tuesdays. On Thursdays the last appointment will commence at 5:30pm(ish). On Saturdays the last appointment will commence at 1pm(ish).

You may have noticed the eclectic charm of the reception area includes some significant wall cracks. They are also through the building’s front two rooms. We have been ignoring them for a number of years, but unfortunately they do need to be repaired now. This will be taking place at some point in the first half of the year, and will require my father and I to consult elsewhere for 3-4 weeks. I will keep you posted!

Mat Pilates

Whoop! Whoop! I passed the exam and am now a qualified Polestar Pilates Mat Instructor. I have not yet fully threshed out what I will be doing with this qualification (too busy starting new dance classes!), but I am leaning towards offering tailored home mat Pilates programs for interested clients. Most likely this would involve an assessment appointment, followed by 2-3 one-to-one sessions to learn the exercise program. These sessions would be claimable through private health physio extras. More to come soon…



Clinic News

Dear everyone,

I cannot believe another year has nearly gone! I swear time is speeding up. In fact, May 2019 will mark my 10 year anniversary as a remedial massage therapist. My goodness…


Massage Balls

As many of you would know, I suggest regular self-massage to compliment and extend the benefits of the treatment you have with me. I have for sale in the clinic a few different massage balls. Large spikey balls for $8 and smaller spikey balls and smooth massage balls for $6. These are great for getting into lower backs, between the shoulder blades, buttock and pectoral muscles and the soles of the feet. “Spikey versus smooth?” you may ask. My osteopath likes to use the analogy of using a spikey mallet versus a smooth mallet to tenderise meat (apologies to vegetarians/vegans), in that the spikes help to break up adhesions between the connective tissue sheath and the muscle. However, personal preference reigns supreme in the quest to ensure regular self-treatment occurs.

Pilates Exam Date

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Having completed many, many logbook hours of observing, doing and teaching the Polestar Mat Pilates repertoire, I am finally eligible to sit the exam (YAY!). The big day is Saturday 15th December. To accommodate this and ensure I am well prepared, I will not be available for appointments on Thursday 13th or Saturday 15th December.

Festive Season Business Hours

I will be on leave from Saturday 22nd December until Thursday 27th December inclusive.

I will be available for appointments on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th December.

Usual clinic hours will resume on Thursday 3rd January 2019.

Please remember, you can email me to book appointments in advance, you do not have to wait until you see me to book your next appointment.

Christmas gift vouchers

I am a bit of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas, but if we must do this every year and you are stuck for present ideas, what about a massage gift voucher? If you would like to purchase a gift voucher, please contact me by Tuesday 18th December to organise it.




Clinic News

Dear everyone,

SERIOUSLY toastiest wishes to you all! I am back from my 10 days clinic “break”.  In amongst the ongoing dance teaching, Pilates study and much messing around trying to wrangle the performance season of Adelaide’s upcoming International Joint Dance Congress (we are talking 51 dance works and nearly 500 performers!), I have managed to figure out my new practice management software.

Introducing Cliniko… 

Cliniko is a web based practice management software package favoured by health professionals. It has quite the suite of functions. At this stage, I will be only using the invoicing/receipt generation function. This has required me to input client names and contact details, however, no client health information will be saved with Cliniko – client notes will remain in handwritten hard copy format.

Scheduling appointments 15 minutes apart does not allow much time in which to take payment, write health fund receipts, re-book clients, change treatment towels, scribble client notes and undertake some self-care so that I am fresh for the next client. Therefore, as of 1st July 2018 client health fund receipts will be automated. For those clients who have provided an email address on their client form, health fund receipts will be emailed to you by the day after your appointment. Where only a postal address has been provided, receipts will be sent by old fashioned snail mail.

 Another brief clinic closure

My cousin is getting married, and the wedding is in Canada and life is too short to just work all the time. Plus, who wouldn’t want a brief respite from this cold with some northern hemisphere Summer! I will be unavailable for appointments from 23rd August until 4th September inclusive. The only glitch is where does one find a Summer appropriate cocktail dress in Adelaide now??

Additional Seniors’ Dance Class Opportunity

 As you may have noticed from my website and/or from our chats during appointments, I am very passionate about getting older people dancing. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the formerly Parkinson’s only dance class at Burnside Community Centre is now welcoming any locally living older people who have a desire to do a modified dance class. Run by Cherie Toubia and Alice Langsford (both dancers and occupational therapists), this is a mostly chair-based dance class and therefore appropriate for older people who feel their mobility or balance is not as good as it used to be. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining in this class, please contact me for details.




Massage News

Dear everyone,

Happy Autumn (I think – it seems to keep changing its mind!). Please read on for an update on clinic operations…

Normal clinic hours resume

For the regular attendees you will be aware that I have not been offering appointments on my usual Tuesday afternoons/evenings due to the time and energy commitments of my Pilates Instructor’s training. I am pleased to say that in the next month or so I will have completed all the face to face Pilates weekend workshops and will also have managed to knock off the required 30 hours of mat class observation AND the 50 hours of supervised mat exercise personal practice (Phew!). Therefore, as of 5th June, appointments will be available again on Tuesday afternoons/evenings. With one exception…

Brief clinic closure

The clinic will be closed from Saturday 16th June until Saturday 23rd June inclusive. I need a little bit of a break (there have been no 2018 public holidays for me yet!), but also I am intending on implementing some practice management software in the new financial year, as my unique combination of low-tech and high-tech is not working for me anymore. Hopefully this automation will facilitate better appointment time management, as I won’t be spending precious minutes hand writing receipts!

90 minute appointment fee increase

No one like a fee increase, but unfortunately where once upon a time my body couldn’t tell the difference between giving a 60 minute treatment and a 90 minute treatment, now it is starting too. Therefore, in order to align more closely with the per minute fee for a 60 minute treatment, as of 1st July 2018, the fee for a 90 minute appointment will be $115.



Massage News

Dear all,

Another year is upon us! Hopefully you managed some proper R & R over the holiday period and are launching into 2018 feeling reinvigorated. My time away from the clinic was not exactly sloth-full, (a lot of planning for this year occurred), but the routine was different to the normal at least. I have a few things to tell you…

Goodbye Massage Provider Number

In the interest of streamlining my business operations (and hopefully my life somewhat), I have decided not to renew my Massage and Myotherapy Australia membership when the annual fee is due on the 1st April 2018. This means that after this date I will no longer have a Remedial Massage Therapist provider number. Therefore, if you have Remedial Massage extras with your private health insurance you may like to book in for a few appointments before April 1st. Beyond April, I will be operating as a Physiotherapist who “specialises in soft tissue techniques”, and I will be using my Physiotherapy provider number – read: nothing else about the service you receive from me will change at this point. Appointment fees will remain the same for the time being.

Car Parking

(SIGH!) Burnside Council in their infinite wisdom has decided to change the car parking conditions on Hauteville Terrace. There is now a mixture of 1-hour and 4-hour parking spaces. If your appointment is on a weekday between 9am and 5pm, please take care to note the new signs when you are parking. 2-hour parking spaces are still available on John Street (enter from Glen Osmond Road), Main Street (enter from Fullarton Road or Glen Osmond Road) and Birkin Street south (enter from John Street or Main Street).

Pilates Instructor Training

As some of you may know, I started my Pilates instructor’s training during third year of the Physiotherapy degree. Unfortunately, (due to that year’s epic study load!) I did not finish that qualification. I have decided it is time to pick it up again. From February I will be undertaking the Polestar Mat Pilates course. This course will probably require the whole 12 months to complete, and may necessitate a reduction in the number of appointments I can offer each week (the course’s practical component is significant!). We shall see how we go…

Client contact details

Lastly, please ensure you keep me updated if you change your postal or email address, or phone number. Email is my preferred mode for communicating clinic information. However, if an email address is not provided, a hard copy will be old fashioned “snail mailed”. Clinic information is also displayed in hard copy format in the clinic for several weeks after a new website post.