Clinic News

Dear clients,

I trust you are all travelling well. Hopefully, you have managed to find your rhythm over these six months of “living with COVID”. It is also just a little over six months since the clinic moved to Stomping Ground Studios. As they say, “time flies….”

Change To Clinic Hours

Six months of appointment data is telling me that as much as I wish otherwise, it is preferable to offer another later appointment. Therefore, as of the week beginning 6th June 2022, I will be offering a 5:15pm appointment on Wednesdays and ceasing to offer the 11:30am appointment on Thursdays. For clients who have already booked a Thursday 11:30am appointment after 6th June, all good, you don’t have to reschedule.

Winter New Client Promo Offer

Unsurprisingly, as a face-to-face, paid per client type of service, this pandemic has negatively impacted my business. Especially since restrictions eased late last year, there has been a marked increase in COVID related client cancelling/rescheduling, making for significant week to week income unpredictability. Therefore, I am asking for your help to build up my client base just a touch.

Here is the deal; any new clients who attend their initial consultation appointment between 1st June and 31st August 2022 will receive 10% off their appointment fee. If they were referred by you (“tell her [insert name] sent you!”), you will also receive 10% off your next appointment (limited to three new clients per existing client). Please find a promo offer flyer attached to give to any potential new clients.

1:1 Stretch/Mobilise Option

Since the small group stretch/mobilise classes I piloted last year, I have been exploring including some stretching with some clients during their appointments. It appears this is a useful addition to hands on soft tissue work for some bodies. Therefore, I have decided to officially offer a 1:1 stretch/mobilise option, which you can choose to have as a portion of, or the entirety of your appointment. For example, in a 60-minute appointment you may choose to dedicate 25-30 minutes to massage and then we pause for you to dress and then spend the remainder of the appointment with the relevant combination of hands on stretch and guided mobilisation exercises on the treatment table and/or on a mat on the floor (or other positions as appropriate). I will be drawing on all my learning and experience as a dancer, Pilates participant and mat Pilates instructor, and probably some of my training in Traditional Thai massage and dabblings in Yoga, for good measure. Appointment fees are the same. If there is some information missing here, please contact me to ask. This is not a fully developed idea yet. It will evolve if and as clients take up the option. Of course, it won’t necessarily be for everyone, but we won’t know until we try!