Clinic News

Dear everyone,

I hope this communication finds you as well as can be in these weird times. The clinic has continued operating through the peak of Adelaide’s COVID-19 period, albeit with ramped up infection control protocols. However, I am aching to get back to teaching my dance classes. Hopefully, that is not too far off.

COVID-19 Prevention

We seem to be doing well here in SA. However, for the foreseeable future I will be continuing with the additional infection control protocols that were implemented at the start of our SA COVID-19 period. I imagine it will help prevent a hideous flu season like we had last year, as well. Full details of my COVID-19 prevention strategy are on my website.

July-December 2020 Saturday Clinic Dates

For those of you who are super organised and like to book your appointments well in advance (full marks for engaging in preventative healthcare!!), here are my Saturday clinic dates for the rest of 2020. I will also put these on my website.

July                  11th & 25th

August             8th & 22nd

September        5th & 19th

October             3rd, 17th & 31st

November        14th & 28th

December        12th

If you would like to book appointments on these Saturdays or on any other clinic days to the end of the year, please email me your requested dates and appointment times. With the extra cleaning between clients (in addition to the usual towel changing, payment processing and client note writing), currently there is no time at the end of appointments for organising multiple future appointments.

Please remember the appointment cancellation policy requires cancellation no later than 9am the day before the scheduled appointment, by phone call or text message. However, more notice is preferable as this maximise my chances of filling the appointment. If you call/text the night before your appointment, most likely I will not reply until the following morning, as my work phone is switched off in the evenings (as it is on Sundays and non-clinic Saturdays). Having said that, if you wake up unwell on the day of your appointment, please cancel. You will not be charged a short-notice cancellation fee for that.

Best wishes,