Clinic News

Dear all,

Hooray for Spring! Hopefully, the sunnier and slightly warmer weather will coax our collective shoulders down from around our earlobes where they have been Wintering!

New Clinic Location

As most of you know, a few months ago my landlord requested that I find a new clinic space. The hunt is over! As of 8th November, the clinic will be at Stomping Ground Studios, 9 Stepney Street, Stepney, SA 5069. This space was founded in 2014 by former dancer and Pilates instructor, Rachel Kennedy. Various children’s dance classes are offered in the studios, while Rachel and colleagues lead mat and equipment Pilates in the Pilates studio. As such, there may be scope at some point in the near future, for me to resurrect my small group stretch/mobilise class idea at this new clinic location.

New Business Hours

Alongside the new clinic location there will be a tweak to my clinic days. From 8th November, my clinic days will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and every second Saturday. There will be the addition of a late morning appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays, no more 5:30pm appointment on Wednesdays, and the increase from four to five appointments available on Saturdays. Full details will be available on my website in due course.

Best wishes,