Clinic News

Dear everyone,

Please read on for details about the new clinic!


As of 1st November 2022, the clinic will be located at…21 Sydney Street, Glenside SA 5065. It is pretty much opposite the Burnside Village loading dock. Large business signage is not permitted by Burnside Council but there will be a sign on the front door to confirm that you are in the correct place!

There are un-ticketed 2-hour street parks in Sydney Street and nearby Almond Avenue and Cator Street. However, it may be easier to find a park in Burnside Village’s undercover carpark, accessible from Sydney Street, Cator Street and Portrush Road. Please allow extra time for parking until you get a feel for this new location. Please DO NOT park directly adjacent to the clinic’s driveway on the northern side. The parking sign says you can, but there is a yellow line there and it is very likely a parking ticket will be forthcoming (the Council inspectors are pretty vigilant!).

Once you have arrived, if I am not ready for you, please wait in the waiting room/eventual exercise room (the room with the double glass doors.) At this stage, for security reasons, the front door will be locked when I am with a client. If you arrive more than 15 minutes early for your appointment, you will have to wait on the porch.


I am loathe to mention anything Christmas related this early, but I prefer not to bombard clients with too many emails either. Therefore, very quickly, it is business as usual the week before and the week between Christmas and New Year (seeing as I am on leave in the first week of December).


If you ever need to check any of this information and cannot find my email, I post all these client emails on my website here,

Also, if you ever need to check my consulting days, clinic fees etc you can find that information here,

Best wishes,