Physio Informed Massage Therapy

Why have massage?

Younger or older, elite athlete or computer-centric office worker, every BODY (and mind) can gain something from regular massage. The benefits of massage can include…

Reduced muscle tension and connective tissue restrictions

Excessively tight muscles and restricted connective tissue often contribute to musculoskeletal injuries and the accompanying pain and dysfunction. Excessively tight muscles are more prone to strains and do not contract efficiently, resulting in premature muscle fatigue. Overtight muscles may also contribute to poor joint biomechanics and poor posture through torque imbalances with opposing muscle groups.

Improved blood and lymphatic circulation

Massage stimulates blood flow to muscles and skin, and assists the movement of lymph fluid through the lymphatic system. Improved circulation equals more efficient transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and skin, and better elimination of cellular waste products (such as the lactic acid that causes muscle soreness/stiffness a few days after heavy/unaccustomed physical exertion).

Enhanced physical awareness

In our hectic lives often we exist soley in our minds and forget about our physical selves. Massage stimulates tactile and proprioceptive neural pathways (“use them or lose them!”), and facilitates greater awareness of our bodies and of our overall health.


Massage stimulates the Parasympathetic nervous system (the opposite of the Sympathetic nervous system – the “flight or flight” system). Choosing to have massage is choosing to take time for ourselves. We all need and deserve to be nurtured occasionally!

What does the massage treatment involve?

Since completing the Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2009, I have undertaken further training in Trigger Point Therapy, Chinese Cupping, Post-surgical scar management, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Traditional Thai Massage. Dependent on the client’s assessed need and their preference, any of these techniques may be used during a massage treatment.

Some of these techniques are performed “dry” through clothes and/or a towel, while other technqiues require the client to partially disrobe to allow the application of massage oil/balm/sorbolene directly to the skin.