Clinic News

Dear clients,

I trust you are all travelling well. Hopefully, you have managed to find your rhythm over these six months of “living with COVID”. It is also just a little over six months since the clinic moved to Stomping Ground Studios. As they say, “time flies….”

Change To Clinic Hours

Six months of appointment data is telling me that as much as I wish otherwise, it is preferable to offer another later appointment. Therefore, as of the week beginning 6th June 2022, I will be offering a 5:15pm appointment on Wednesdays and ceasing to offer the 11:30am appointment on Thursdays. For clients who have already booked a Thursday 11:30am appointment after 6th June, all good, you don’t have to reschedule.

Winter New Client Promo Offer

Unsurprisingly, as a face-to-face, paid per client type of service, this pandemic has negatively impacted my business. Especially since restrictions eased late last year, there has been a marked increase in COVID related client cancelling/rescheduling, making for significant week to week income unpredictability. Therefore, I am asking for your help to build up my client base just a touch.

Here is the deal; any new clients who attend their initial consultation appointment between 1st June and 31st August 2022 will receive 10% off their appointment fee. If they were referred by you (“tell her [insert name] sent you!”), you will also receive 10% off your next appointment (limited to three new clients per existing client). Please find a promo offer flyer attached to give to any potential new clients.

1:1 Stretch/Mobilise Option

Since the small group stretch/mobilise classes I piloted last year, I have been exploring including some stretching with some clients during their appointments. It appears this is a useful addition to hands on soft tissue work for some bodies. Therefore, I have decided to officially offer a 1:1 stretch/mobilise option, which you can choose to have as a portion of, or the entirety of your appointment. For example, in a 60-minute appointment you may choose to dedicate 25-30 minutes to massage and then we pause for you to dress and then spend the remainder of the appointment with the relevant combination of hands on stretch and guided mobilisation exercises on the treatment table and/or on a mat on the floor (or other positions as appropriate). I will be drawing on all my learning and experience as a dancer, Pilates participant and mat Pilates instructor, and probably some of my training in Traditional Thai massage and dabblings in Yoga, for good measure. Appointment fees are the same. If there is some information missing here, please contact me to ask. This is not a fully developed idea yet. It will evolve if and as clients take up the option. Of course, it won’t necessarily be for everyone, but we won’t know until we try!



Clinic News

Dear all,

Change is afoot! Please read on for further information…


Onsite car parks are located by the front entrance on Stepney Street and around the back (enter via Union Street). There are also un-ticketed 2-hour street parks on Stepney and Henry Street. When the reception is unattended, the front door will be locked, please ring the bell to be let in.

Covid-19 Safe Plan Requirements

  • Please enter/exit via the front door on Stepney Street.
  • Masks are still mandatory in healthcare settings. Please ensure you are wearing it before you enter the building. Failure to comply puts both of us at risk of a $5000 fine, and it puts me in breach of my lease agreement.
  • Please scan the Stomping Ground Studios QR code AND my QR code. If your phone cannot scan, please complete my hard copy sign in form.

New Short Notice Cancellation Fee

Please note that as of 8th November 2021, the short-notice cancellation fee will increase to 75% of the scheduled fee. If you need to reschedule, more notice is appreciated. This maximises my potential to fill the appointment from the cancellation list. The short notice cancellation fee will most likely be charged if the client forgets to attend, or if the appointment is cancelled after 9am the day before the scheduled appointment. You will not be charged if you wake up on the day of your appointment feeling unwell.

Festive Seasons Business Hours

The clinic will be open the usual Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday business hours the week before Christmas, the week between Christmas and New Year and the first week of January 2022. I will be on leave 9th-16th January 2022.

2022 Clinic Saturday dates

Saturday clinic dates for the first six months of 2022 are as follows…

January 8th & 22nd                   February 5th & 19th                 March 5th & 19th

April 2nd, 16th & 30th               May 14th & 28th                          June 11th & 25th

Best wishes,


Clinic News

Dear all,

Hooray for Spring! Hopefully, the sunnier and slightly warmer weather will coax our collective shoulders down from around our earlobes where they have been Wintering!

New Clinic Location

As most of you know, a few months ago my landlord requested that I find a new clinic space. The hunt is over! As of 8th November, the clinic will be at Stomping Ground Studios, 9 Stepney Street, Stepney, SA 5069. This space was founded in 2014 by former dancer and Pilates instructor, Rachel Kennedy. Various children’s dance classes are offered in the studios, while Rachel and colleagues lead mat and equipment Pilates in the Pilates studio. As such, there may be scope at some point in the near future, for me to resurrect my small group stretch/mobilise class idea at this new clinic location.

New Business Hours

Alongside the new clinic location there will be a tweak to my clinic days. From 8th November, my clinic days will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and every second Saturday. There will be the addition of a late morning appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays, no more 5:30pm appointment on Wednesdays, and the increase from four to five appointments available on Saturdays. Full details will be available on my website in due course.

Best wishes,


Clinic News

Dear all,

I hope this communication finds you well and warm. With the cold weather, annual stiff neck season is in full swing. I for one am currently VERY attached to my wheat bag to maintain my neck in good working order!

REMINDER – Fee Increase

Please remember that appointment fees have increased as of 1st July. If you are someone who still likes to pay with old fashioned cash, I will be happy to relieve you of some coins!  60-minute appointments are now $92 and $82 for standard and concession appointments, respectively. 90- minute appointments are now $130.

Veronica Leave Dates

Please note, I am taking a much needed break from 8th – 15th July inclusive. I will not be using my work phone or checking my work email during this time.

New Clinic Location

After nearly 12 years operating at my current location, the landlord has rather unexpectedly decided he would like me to vacate his back room. Therefore, I am giving advance notice that the clinic will be moving to a new location in the near future. As a result, my proposed new stretch/mobilise class idea has been paused. Thank you to the clients who participated in the 4-week stretch/mobilise pilot program through June. The feedback was positive and all round, it was a useful exercise regarding the content and logistics of running such a class.

Best wishes,


Clinic News

Dear clients,

Just a quick email to say Big Brother has infiltrated the clinic! Please note the following new requirements when attending your appointments…

QR code Check-in – Unless you DON’T own a smartphone, you will be required to check in by scanning the clinic QR code (sitting on my desk). Apparently, this can be done either just with your phone camera or via the “My SA Gov” app.

Masks – Mask wearing is now mandatory in all healthcare settings, except in some special circumstances such as where wearing one with interfere with treatment. I do not require you to wear one when you are face down on the treatment table as I think this is a breathing risk.

On a brighter note, if you would like to purchase a massage voucher as a Christmas present, please email or let me know during your appointment, no later than 5pm Monday 21st December.



Clinic News

Dear clients,

Here it is! The big reveal on my holiday season business hours. Some of you have been keen as mustard asking. However, I have a rule that you can’t use the ‘C’ word until it is November!

Christmas/New Year Period Business Hours

Thurs 24th – Mon 28th Dec – CLOSED

Tues 29th & Wed 30th Dec – OPEN

Thurs 31st Dec & Fri 1st Jan – CLOSED

Saturday Clinic Dates: January – June 2021

For those of you who are Saturday appointment people, please see below for my Saturday clinics for the first half of next year…

January – 2nd, 16th, 30th      

February – 13th, 27th           

March – 13th, 27th

April – 10th, 24th                   

May – 8th, 22nd                      

June – 5th, 19th

Concession Discount Changes

As of January 1st, 2021, there will be changes to the $10 concession discount eligibility criteria. From this date, retirees and full-time tertiary students will no longer be eligible for the discount. Those who will be eligible are as follows…

Performing artists/performing arts makers (i.e. dancers/actors/musicians/singers etc whose primary occupation is as a performing artist.)

People receiving the following Centrelink payments;

Aged Pension,

JobSeeker Payment,

Disability Support Pension,

Carer Payment,

Parenting Payment.

If you fall into one of these categories, please provide a photo/screen capture of your most recent Centrelink income statement at your first 2021 appointment. If you do not fall into these categories, but are a low income earner, please feel free to discuss your eligibility for the concession discount with me.

Free Balance Assessment

Lastly, I am considering resurrecting my “Dance-based balance class” idea. If you are curious to see how good your balance is, according to the Fullarton Advanced Balance (FAB) Scale 10, you may like to volunteer. Ten people should do it. You need to be available for 1-1.5 hours on either 14th December (afternoon), 15th December (morning) or 18th December (morning). Please email me if you are interested in this opportunity.



Clinic News

Dear clients,

There is light at the end of the tunnel! I mean the Winter tunnel, that is. Blossom is evident, the birds are amorous, and the days are longer. Despite the freezing weather, I don’t think I have had quite so many tight necks presenting for treatment this year. Maybe secretly you have all been doing my neck release movement sequence from the video on the SA Chair-based Dance Facebook page! However, I have been very busy with both the clinic and my dance classes. As such, a rethink of work/life balance is required. This will enable me to continue to provide optimal service and enjoy providing it too!

Appointment changes

Effective immediately, the last appointment on a Wednesday will be at 6pm (excepting those 6:45pm appointments that have already been booked). A 6:45pm appointment will still be available every second Friday (i.e. the Friday before non-clinic Saturdays).

Effective immediately, 90-minute appointments will no longer be available on Saturdays (excepting those that have already been booked).

I am adding an “as needed” 60-minute appointment to my Saturday clinic. This is an “emergency” appointment and not one that can be booked months in advance on a reoccurring basis.

REMINDER – Cancellation policy regarding client illness/COVID-19

If you wake up unwell with the sniffles on the day of your appointment (or with any of the other possible symptoms of cold/flu/COVID-19), please cancel your appointment by phone call. You will not be charged a short-notice cancellation fee if you are cancelling for this reason.

Also, please cancel your appointment if you cohabitate with, or have been in close physical contact with someone who is undergoing COVID-19 self-isolation, while awaiting test results. It would be preferable for everyone, if I can avoid having to reschedule client appointments and cancel dance classes in the event of me having caught a client’s cold, and then having to self-isolate while awaiting my test results.

Yours in continuing good health!



Clinic News

Dear clients,

Just a quick communication to inform you about a change to my appointment cancellation policy. As you are aware, the current policy requires cancellation by phone call or text message no later than 9am the day before your appointment, or you may incur a short-notice cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled fee.

Something is not working with my work phone, regarding receiving text messages promptly after I turn it on in the morning. I don’t want to assume a client has not adhered to the cancellation policy because a text sent the previous night has not come up on my phone until 9:30am the next day (or later sometimes!). Therefore, from now on, please cancel your appointments no later than 9am the day before your appointment, by phone call. All good if I don’t answer. At least there will be a time coded voice message for me to retrieve.

Lastly, I will take this opportunity to tell you all about a couple of videos I made and posted on the new(ish) SA chair-based dance Facebook page. These videos are neck and upper back release movement sequences. They are good for most necks and upper backs (not just chair dancers), and especially now that the annual Winter stiff neck outbreak has started. If you are finding your neck and upper back are a bit more stuck with the colder weather, you might like to have a look and try these movement sequences. They are in the video section of the page, if you don’t want to scroll down through all the posts (not that there are that many really). Here is the link…



Clinic News

Dear everyone,

I hope this communication finds you as well as can be in these weird times. The clinic has continued operating through the peak of Adelaide’s COVID-19 period, albeit with ramped up infection control protocols. However, I am aching to get back to teaching my dance classes. Hopefully, that is not too far off.

COVID-19 Prevention

We seem to be doing well here in SA. However, for the foreseeable future I will be continuing with the additional infection control protocols that were implemented at the start of our SA COVID-19 period. I imagine it will help prevent a hideous flu season like we had last year, as well. Full details of my COVID-19 prevention strategy are on my website.

July-December 2020 Saturday Clinic Dates

For those of you who are super organised and like to book your appointments well in advance (full marks for engaging in preventative healthcare!!), here are my Saturday clinic dates for the rest of 2020. I will also put these on my website.

July                  11th & 25th

August             8th & 22nd

September        5th & 19th

October             3rd, 17th & 31st

November        14th & 28th

December        12th

If you would like to book appointments on these Saturdays or on any other clinic days to the end of the year, please email me your requested dates and appointment times. With the extra cleaning between clients (in addition to the usual towel changing, payment processing and client note writing), currently there is no time at the end of appointments for organising multiple future appointments.

Please remember the appointment cancellation policy requires cancellation no later than 9am the day before the scheduled appointment, by phone call or text message. However, more notice is preferable as this maximise my chances of filling the appointment. If you call/text the night before your appointment, most likely I will not reply until the following morning, as my work phone is switched off in the evenings (as it is on Sundays and non-clinic Saturdays). Having said that, if you wake up unwell on the day of your appointment, please cancel. You will not be charged a short-notice cancellation fee for that.

Best wishes,


Clinic News

Dear everyone,

Happy New Year and New Decade! If you are a new year’s resolution person, I hope your resolutions are holding. Apologies but this communication is a bit dry, as it revolves around clinic operation matters.

Fee Increase

The saying reads, “Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes!” However, it should probably include fee increases too. I appreciate that no one likes fee increases, however, my last fee increase was in March 2017. Since then many of my running costs have increased including my rent, insurance, website fee, practice management software subscription and towel laundering service. My research of fees charged by remedial massage therapists in the city and eastern suburbs reveals a range of $90-$105 for 60 minute appointments. For a physiotherapy informed massage service, my fees are still at the less dear end of the spectrum.

The fee for all massage appointments will increase by $5. This fee change is effective as of 9th March 2020 (effective immediately for new clients). I will retain the $10 discount on 60 minute appointments for valid concession holders (further information is available on my website).

Other Operational Matters…

 The trial of ‘no day before appointment reminder texts’ has been 99.9% successful. Most clients are receiving the appointment confirmation email (which is sent on Friday, the week before your appointment), or managing fine without any appointment reminders. Therefore, I will be retaining this system for the foreseeable future.

Please remember the appointment cancellation policy requires cancellation no later than 9am the day before the scheduled appointment, by phone call or text message. However, more notice is preferable as this maximise my chances of filling the appointment. If you call/text the night before your appointment, most likely I will not reply until the following morning, as my work phone is switched off in the evenings (as it is on Sundays and non-clinic Saturdays).

Lastly, my Saturday clinic dates for the first half of the year are on my website. It is every second(ish) Saturday. On Fridays before a Saturday clinic there will no 6:45pm appointment. Please know that you may book multiple appointments in advance to ensure you secure appointments on the days, times and appointment intervals that suit you.

Best wishes,