Clinic News

Dear clients,

There is light at the end of the tunnel! I mean the Winter tunnel, that is. Blossom is evident, the birds are amorous, and the days are longer. Despite the freezing weather, I don’t think I have had quite so many tight necks presenting for treatment this year. Maybe secretly you have all been doing my neck release movement sequence from the video on the SA Chair-based Dance Facebook page! However, I have been very busy with both the clinic and my dance classes. As such, a rethink of work/life balance is required. This will enable me to continue to provide optimal service and enjoy providing it too!

Appointment changes

Effective immediately, the last appointment on a Wednesday will be at 6pm (excepting those 6:45pm appointments that have already been booked). A 6:45pm appointment will still be available every second Friday (i.e. the Friday before non-clinic Saturdays).

Effective immediately, 90-minute appointments will no longer be available on Saturdays (excepting those that have already been booked).

I am adding an “as needed” 60-minute appointment to my Saturday clinic. This is an “emergency” appointment and not one that can be booked months in advance on a reoccurring basis.

REMINDER – Cancellation policy regarding client illness/COVID-19

If you wake up unwell with the sniffles on the day of your appointment (or with any of the other possible symptoms of cold/flu/COVID-19), please cancel your appointment by phone call. You will not be charged a short-notice cancellation fee if you are cancelling for this reason.

Also, please cancel your appointment if you cohabitate with, or have been in close physical contact with someone who is undergoing COVID-19 self-isolation, while awaiting test results. It would be preferable for everyone, if I can avoid having to reschedule client appointments and cancel dance classes in the event of me having caught a client’s cold, and then having to self-isolate while awaiting my test results.

Yours in continuing good health!