1:1 Stretch/Mobilise

For some bodies, hands on stretching and/or guided mobilisation exercises may be a useful compliment to remedial massage.

What Does Stretch/Mobilise Mean Exactly?

This is a combination passive and active treatment approach performed, as appropriate to individual client needs, on the treatment table, on a mat on the floor or other positions as required (such as standing or seated on a chair). Drawing on my decades of learning and experience as a professional dancer, Pilates and Yoga participant, and training in Traditional Thai Massage and Pilates Mat instruction, I will apply hands on stretches (e.g. for leg muscles) and/or guide you with verbal and/or hands on cues to execute mobilisation exercises (e.g. for the back and neck spine).

How Do I Book In For This Service?

This service is available for appointments following the client’s Initial Consultation appointment. The client may choose to have 1:1 Stretch/Mobilise as a component of their Physio Informed Massage appointment (e.g. half of a 60 minute appointment or half or a third of a 90 minute appointment), or choose 1:1 Stretch/ Mobilise for the entire appointment.

Please note, this treatment requires the client to wear clothes that allow the body to move freely. Therefore, clients need to bring appropriate attire, and if the appointment is a combination massage and stretch/mobilise session, time needs to be allowed for the client to dress after the massage section.

What Are The Appointment Fees?

The fees are the same as for Physio Informed Massage appointments. The same private health rebates apply.