Clinic News

Dear clients,

Just a quick communication to inform you about a change to my appointment cancellation policy. As you are aware, the current policy requires cancellation by phone call or text message no later than 9am the day before your appointment, or you may incur a short-notice cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled fee.

Something is not working with my work phone, regarding receiving text messages promptly after I turn it on in the morning. I don’t want to assume a client has not adhered to the cancellation policy because a text sent the previous night has not come up on my phone until 9:30am the next day (or later sometimes!). Therefore, from now on, please cancel your appointments no later than 9am the day before your appointment, by phone call. All good if I don’t answer. At least there will be a time coded voice message for me to retrieve.

Lastly, I will take this opportunity to tell you all about a couple of videos I made and posted on the new(ish) SA chair-based dance Facebook page. These videos are neck and upper back release movement sequences. They are good for most necks and upper backs (not just chair dancers), and especially now that the annual Winter stiff neck outbreak has started. If you are finding your neck and upper back are a bit more stuck with the colder weather, you might like to have a look and try these movement sequences. They are in the video section of the page, if you don’t want to scroll down through all the posts (not that there are that many really). Here is the link…