Clinic News

Dear everyone,

SERIOUSLY toastiest wishes to you all! I am back from my 10 days clinic “break”.  In amongst the ongoing dance teaching, Pilates study and much messing around trying to wrangle the performance season of Adelaide’s upcoming International Joint Dance Congress (we are talking 51 dance works and nearly 500 performers!), I have managed to figure out my new practice management software.

Introducing Cliniko… 

Cliniko is a web based practice management software package favoured by health professionals. It has quite the suite of functions. At this stage, I will be only using the invoicing/receipt generation function. This has required me to input client names and contact details, however, no client health information will be saved with Cliniko – client notes will remain in handwritten hard copy format.

Scheduling appointments 15 minutes apart does not allow much time in which to take payment, write health fund receipts, re-book clients, change treatment towels, scribble client notes and undertake some self-care so that I am fresh for the next client. Therefore, as of 1st July 2018 client health fund receipts will be automated. For those clients who have provided an email address on their client form, health fund receipts will be emailed to you by the day after your appointment. Where only a postal address has been provided, receipts will be sent by old fashioned snail mail.

 Another brief clinic closure

My cousin is getting married, and the wedding is in Canada and life is too short to just work all the time. Plus, who wouldn’t want a brief respite from this cold with some northern hemisphere Summer! I will be unavailable for appointments from 23rd August until 4th September inclusive. The only glitch is where does one find a Summer appropriate cocktail dress in Adelaide now??

Additional Seniors’ Dance Class Opportunity

 As you may have noticed from my website and/or from our chats during appointments, I am very passionate about getting older people dancing. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the formerly Parkinson’s only dance class at Burnside Community Centre is now welcoming any locally living older people who have a desire to do a modified dance class. Run by Cherie Toubia and Alice Langsford (both dancers and occupational therapists), this is a mostly chair-based dance class and therefore appropriate for older people who feel their mobility or balance is not as good as it used to be. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining in this class, please contact me for details.