Clinic Information

Clinic Location

43 Hauteville Terrace, Eastwood, South Australia 5063

Massage Fees

Initial consultation massage (approx. 60 minutes)


60 minute massage

        $90 ($80 with valid concession*)

90 minute massage


*Valid concession = full retirees (i.e. working fewer than 20 hours/month), full time tertiary students, dancers/dance makers, those receiving Centrelink payments.

Cash or credit cards accepted (but not ATM cards). There is a 2% credit card fee.

Rebates available for most private health funds.

Gift vouchers available.

Appointments are available…

Tuesday –                 1:15pm – early evening (last appointment 5:30pm)

Wednesday –           12pm – early evening (last appointment 6pm)

Friday –                      1:15pm – early evening (last appointment 6:45pm)

Some Saturdays  – 9:30am – early afternoon (only 60 minute appointments available)

Clinic Saturdays for the rest of 2020 are as follows…

3rd, 17th & 31st October

14th & 28th November

12th December

Appointment cancellations must be made by phone call no later than 9am THE DAY BEFORE the scheduled appointment, or a non-cancellation fee may be charged. The non-cancellation fee is 50% of the scheduled fee.