Massage News

Dear all,

Another year is upon us! Hopefully you managed some proper R & R over the holiday period and are launching into 2018 feeling reinvigorated. My time away from the clinic was not exactly sloth-full, (a lot of planning for this year occurred), but the routine was different to the normal at least. I have a few things to tell you…

Goodbye Massage Provider Number

In the interest of streamlining my business operations (and hopefully my life somewhat), I have decided not to renew my Massage and Myotherapy Australia membership when the annual fee is due on the 1st April 2018. This means that after this date I will no longer have a Remedial Massage Therapist provider number. Therefore, if you have Remedial Massage extras with your private health insurance you may like to book in for a few appointments before April 1st. Beyond April, I will be operating as a Physiotherapist who “specialises in soft tissue techniques”, and I will be using my Physiotherapy provider number – read: nothing else about the service you receive from me will change at this point. Appointment fees will remain the same for the time being.

Car Parking

(SIGH!) Burnside Council in their infinite wisdom has decided to change the car parking conditions on Hauteville Terrace. There is now a mixture of 1-hour and 4-hour parking spaces. If your appointment is on a weekday between 9am and 5pm, please take care to note the new signs when you are parking. 2-hour parking spaces are still available on John Street (enter from Glen Osmond Road), Main Street (enter from Fullarton Road or Glen Osmond Road) and Birkin Street south (enter from John Street or Main Street).

Pilates Instructor Training

As some of you may know, I started my Pilates instructor’s training during third year of the Physiotherapy degree. Unfortunately, (due to that year’s epic study load!) I did not finish that qualification. I have decided it is time to pick it up again. From February I will be undertaking the Polestar Mat Pilates course. This course will probably require the whole 12 months to complete, and may necessitate a reduction in the number of appointments I can offer each week (the course’s practical component is significant!). We shall see how we go…

Client contact details

Lastly, please ensure you keep me updated if you change your postal or email address, or phone number. Email is my preferred mode for communicating clinic information. However, if an email address is not provided, a hard copy will be old fashioned “snail mailed”. Clinic information is also displayed in hard copy format in the clinic for several weeks after a new website post.