Massage News

Hi everyone!

My two week dance project is done and dusted. I didn’t break anything (except a colander, a knife and a cleaver), and now we begin the search for funding for the next development period which hopefully will culminate in a theatre season in 2018 or 2019. So now back to reality…massage, dance teaching and dabbling in physio!

There are two items of massage clinic information to convey…

Appointment non-cancellation fees

I have noticed in the last 18 months or so an increase in the number of clients forgetting their appointments or cancelling at the last minute. It is probably another symptom of the ever increasing pace of life we all seem to be expected to live – fitting ever more into our days and brains!

As such, as of Monday 6th November 2017, the non-cancellation fee will be increasing from 25% to 50% of the scheduled massage fee. I don’t have a receptionist to manage appointment bookings. Late cancellations are a huge inconvenience to me, impacting significantly on my weekly income if the appointment cannot be filled, and also preventing other clients from accessing possibly much needed therapy.

I will continue to charge the non-cancellation fee at my discretion for appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment, as I still appreciate some last minute cancellations are the result of completely unforeseeable events. “No-shows” will be charged the fee in all circumstances. While the cancellation policy requires a minimum of 24-hours notice, where possible, please provide more than 24-hours notice, as this allows me more time to fill the appointment. Please remember, reminder text messages the day before your appointment are a courtesy reminder. Please do not rely on them to know when your next appointment is booked!

Silly Season Clinic Hours

Last clinic day – 23rd December 2017

Clinic closed – 24th December 2017 – 5th January 2018

Reduced clinic hours – 6th – 15th January 2018 (Available for appointments on 6th, 11th & 13th January)

Normal clinic hours resume – 16th January 2018