Massage News

Dear everyone,

Happy Autumn (I think – it seems to keep changing its mind!). Please read on for an update on clinic operations…

Normal clinic hours resume

For the regular attendees you will be aware that I have not been offering appointments on my usual Tuesday afternoons/evenings due to the time and energy commitments of my Pilates Instructor’s training. I am pleased to say that in the next month or so I will have completed all the face to face Pilates weekend workshops and will also have managed to knock off the required 30 hours of mat class observation AND the 50 hours of supervised mat exercise personal practice (Phew!). Therefore, as of 5th June, appointments will be available again on Tuesday afternoons/evenings. With one exception…

Brief clinic closure

The clinic will be closed from Saturday 16th June until Saturday 23rd June inclusive. I need a little bit of a break (there have been no 2018 public holidays for me yet!), but also I am intending on implementing some practice management software in the new financial year, as my unique combination of low-tech and high-tech is not working for me anymore. Hopefully this automation will facilitate better appointment time management, as I won’t be spending precious minutes hand writing receipts!

90 minute appointment fee increase

No one like a fee increase, but unfortunately where once upon a time my body couldn’t tell the difference between giving a 60 minute treatment and a 90 minute treatment, now it is starting too. Therefore, in order to align more closely with the per minute fee for a 60 minute treatment, as of 1st July 2018, the fee for a 90 minute appointment will be $115.