Clinic News

Dear everyone,

Happy New Year and New Decade! If you are a new year’s resolution person, I hope your resolutions are holding. Apologies but this communication is a bit dry, as it revolves around clinic operation matters.

Fee Increase

The saying reads, “Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes!” However, it should probably include fee increases too. I appreciate that no one likes fee increases, however, my last fee increase was in March 2017. Since then many of my running costs have increased including my rent, insurance, website fee, practice management software subscription and towel laundering service. My research of fees charged by remedial massage therapists in the city and eastern suburbs reveals a range of $90-$105 for 60 minute appointments. For a physiotherapy informed massage service, my fees are still at the less dear end of the spectrum.

The fee for all massage appointments will increase by $5. This fee change is effective as of 9th March 2020 (effective immediately for new clients). I will retain the $10 discount on 60 minute appointments for valid concession holders (further information is available on my website).

Other Operational Matters…

 The trial of ‘no day before appointment reminder texts’ has been 99.9% successful. Most clients are receiving the appointment confirmation email (which is sent on Friday, the week before your appointment), or managing fine without any appointment reminders. Therefore, I will be retaining this system for the foreseeable future.

Please remember the appointment cancellation policy requires cancellation no later than 9am the day before the scheduled appointment, by phone call or text message. However, more notice is preferable as this maximise my chances of filling the appointment. If you call/text the night before your appointment, most likely I will not reply until the following morning, as my work phone is switched off in the evenings (as it is on Sundays and non-clinic Saturdays).

Lastly, my Saturday clinic dates for the first half of the year are on my website. It is every second(ish) Saturday. On Fridays before a Saturday clinic there will no 6:45pm appointment. Please know that you may book multiple appointments in advance to ensure you secure appointments on the days, times and appointment intervals that suit you.

Best wishes,