Massage News

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of things to tell you about…

Credit card facilities are now available!!!

 After 8 years as a cash only clinic, I have made the leap with this nifty device called a Square reader. The device plugs into the audio jack of my smart phone and with the help of the Square App, it reads chip or magnetic strip credit cards. However, it can also process transactions simply by typing in the credit card number, expiry date and CVC number (handy for massage gift voucher purchases over the phone!). No credit card details are stored on my phone and Square promises the service is very secure. For more details about the security of this service, see

Please note, there is a 2% fee for using this credit card service. Please also note, that for those clients who were doing the occasional direct deposit into my bank account, this option is no longer available, as I have now closed that bank account.

Spreading the Physio wings

 Little by little I am doing more work as a physio. This year I am leading the Sportsmed SA hydrotherapy sessions on alternate Saturday mornings, instead of only once per month. I have also been spending some Tuesday mornings assisting with Unley Physiotherapy’s hydrotherapy class (and learning about the benefits of hydrotherapy for people with neurological conditions), and continuing with this theme, I will be undertaking a few weeks of locum hydrotherapist work for Eastwood Physiotherapy in April, while one of their physios is on leave. Back on dry land, my dance-based balance class is still under construction, with hopes to be up and running in June (ish).

Veronica on holidays

 In other news, finally, nearly 18 months after the fact, my dear husband and I will be having our honeymoon! Therefore, I will be unavailable for massage appointments from 1st-18th May inclusive.