COVID-19 Clinic Statement

Physiotherapy has been classified as an essential service by the Australian government, thereby permitting the clinic to continue to operations.

Strategies in place to minimise risk of infection include…

  • Disinfecting door handles, bathroom taps and common surfaces several times per day.
  • Cleaning the treatment table face and arm cradle with detergent based spray AND with disinfectant spray between every client.
  • (As per normal), the use of fresh towels for every client.
  • (As per normal), clients are requested to cancel their appointment if they are unwell in any way.
  • (As per normal), I will be cancelling appointments if I am unwell in any way.
  • The option for the therapist and clients to wear a face mask during appointments.
  • Hand sanitiser available in the reception area for client use.

Additionally, the clinic has very low levels of client traffic, having only myself and one other semi-retired health professional operating in the building. For the most part, my colleague is now operating via tele-consulting, further reducing the number of clients coming to the clinic. Aside from my colleague’s receptionist who works until early afternoon, most of the time the reception area will have no one else in it when you arrive for your appointment.